Plipbox Update

There has been a lot of trials and tribulations with this little plipbox. I would spend my free time on weekends troubleshooting my TCP/IP stack using MiamiDX networking software. I would go back and forth in my router configuration. I would download different networking software packages. I would search the internet for any help to get the plipbox up and running.

It all came down to the Commodore Amiga group on Facebook. The right person finally posted with the right guidance to getting the plipbox to connect.

The problem wasn’t the networking software. It wasn’t my configuration in the software. It was the firmware loaded into the plipbox itself.

My plipbox was loaded with the latest 0.6 firmware. This version is not compatible with the A2000. BURST mode is set ON by default. Entering NOBURST into the plipbox.config file doesn’t work. The problem is the A2000 itself and its parallel port. Other Amiga models don’t have this issue. The resolution is to downgrade the firmware to 0.5 plipbox firmware.



To upgrade or downgrade the firmware in the plipbox, you will need an FTDI. An FTDI is a USB-to-serial (TTL) converter for serial communication. IN addition to the FTDI you will need to install the software that will allow you to transfer the firmware from your computer to the pilpbox. Download the virtual com port software here:

Once the software is installed on a PC, you connect the Plipbox via a USB cable and run the software package at the PC command prompt.

The completed re-flash is shown above. The process is very fast.

Once completed, disconnect the plipbox and connect it to the A2000 and attach the power cable. Turn on the Amiga and start the TCP/IP software. If all your configuration settings are correct, go online and start your web browser. I’m using iBrowse.

I typed in the web address for The page displayed in the web browser. I got on to Aminet and downloaded some files. It was a little slow, but it’s a 32 year old computer. Using WookieChat was good as well. No problems with text chat.

Overall, I highly recommend this for all classic Amiga machines. For about $50 you can have internet connectivity on a great classic computer.

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