Been awhile… Amiga 2000 fun

I finally sat down and decided that I’m going to figure out how to setup a CF card using WinUAE (AmiKit) to use on my A2000.

I have a Buddha 20th Anniversary IDE card in my machine. I setup the DOM with Since getting the Buddha, my intention was to always use a CF Card as the primary transfer device between my PC and Amiga. I tried in the past, but for whatever reason, I just couldn’t get it setup correctly. Last night, I must of had an epiphany, because I was able to get everything working. The amazing part, it worked seamlessly and worked every time.

I also got my Cybervision 64/3D up and running as well. The P96 installation went perfect, I setup the video card and now am running RTG in my A2000.

I love taking this classic hardware and just making everything work. Next is setup a TCP/IP stack and my Gurunet adapter.

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