Been awhile… Amiga 2000 fun

I finally sat down and decided that I'm going to figure out how to setup a CF card using WinUAE (AmiKit) to use on my A2000. I have a Buddha 20th Anniversary IDE card in my machine. I setup the DOM with Since getting the Buddha, my intention was to always use a CF... Continue Reading →

A-Max II Plus by Readysoft

In the donation, I almost jumped out of my skin to find this Readysoft A-Max II Plus box. When I had my original Amiga 2000 system in the early 1990's, I had one of these cards in my system. At the time, I was attending Cisco Junior College in Abilene, Texas. Amiga's were definitely not... Continue Reading →

Amiga 1000

I recently received an Amiga 1000 from a nice individual in Huntsville, Alabama who recently decided to move his Amiga collection. Knowing that I didn't want these items in a landfill, I contacted him and asked if I could have them. Which he graciously agreed and sent them to me. It's a nice addition to... Continue Reading →

Phase 5 – Cybervision 64/3D RTG

I recently picked up this RTG video card for my Amiga 2000 system. This makes a wonderful improvement to the A2000 video output. While surfing the internet, the webpages are displayed in their full color pallet. The only issue I have is that this card doesn't support mode promotion. What that means is if you... Continue Reading →

NEW! A4000 Replica Motherboard

This awesome new Amiga 4000 Rev 2B motherboard was recreated by ACILL. According to the developer, the work was supported by a GoFundMe page which was a overwhelming success (As evidenced by the board you see in the photo above.) In addition to the red mask you see, he also produced black and white masked... Continue Reading →

Recent Acquisition: A1200

I picked this up from one of the guys in our local Amiga club. It could use a good cleaning. Most likely it needs a recap as well. Included in the package was a Gotek drive, Individual Computers A1221, a clock board and a CF card reader.

A2000 OLED Upgrade

Like the Atari ST gotek installation, the OLED install is no different. Follow the hookup instructions in that thread. I must admit, it's nice to be able to see the file names versus just a number.

Plipbox Update

There has been a lot of trials and tribulations with this little plipbox. I would spend my free time on weekends troubleshooting my TCP/IP stack using MiamiDX networking software. I would go back and forth in my router configuration. I would download different networking software packages. I would search the internet for any help to... Continue Reading →

3D printed Amiga 2000 Gotek drive sled

I was recently sent this Gotek drive sled for my Amiga 2000. "What make this so special?" You may ask yourself. The drive sled fits the disk drive opening in the Amiga 2000 case. The stock Gotek is a standard 3.5" form factor. Commodore, in there wisdom, decided on using drive in the Amiga that... Continue Reading →

Amiga Plipbox

What is it? Plipbox is an Arduino-based device that allows to connect low-end classic Amigas via Ethernet to your local network. It bridges IP traffic received via PLIP on the parallel port of the Amiga to the Ethernet port attached to the Arduino. Introduction With the plip2slip project I already presented a device that uses... Continue Reading →

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