3D printed Amiga 2000 Gotek drive sled

I was recently sent this Gotek drive sled for my Amiga 2000. “What make this so special?” You may ask yourself. The drive sled fits the disk drive opening in the Amiga 2000 case. The stock Gotek is a standard 3.5″ form factor. Commodore, in there wisdom, decided on using drive in the Amiga that were not standard form factor. The drives were taller. When fitting a Gotek on the drive mount, there is an unsightly gap around the drive. This adapter eliminates that gap. In addition, there are provisions for mounting an OLED display.

As you can see the gray filament doesn’t match the color Rustoleum and Krylon Camouflage Khaki is a very close match of the A2000 case.

I have hooked up the OLED screen and it works, but the connectors provided with the Gotek are not long enough. I will have to make a run to a local electronics store (Fry’s) to pick up the right length of wires with connectors.

Noteworthy is the “Amiga” text with checkmark. That was a nice touch by the designer.

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