Atari ST – Gotek Complete

The Gotek is in place and the ST back together. The Flash Floppy firmware (0.9.9a) is installed. The next small challenge was trying to figure out what the correct files to install on the USB drive. There is a helpful thread here written by a user named rubber_jonnie with instructions to setup a Gotek on... Continue Reading →

Atari ST – Gotek Installed

The new Gotek arrived as well as extra OLED displays. The install a went smoothly until I went to connect the power cable. It was one inch too short. What do I do? I searched the internet for a floppy drive extension cables. They don't make those and the ones I found, I didn't trust.... Continue Reading →

Atari 520STFM – Complete System

I traveled to Austin, Texas to pick up an Atari SC1224 monitor that I purchased on eBay. The seller was gracious enough to let me pick it up locally. I am wary about shipping vintage computer equipment, especially CRT monitors. Although this monitor is not that large, one of the major carriers would manage to... Continue Reading →

Atari ST – Gotek Drama

As excited as I was to receive my Gotek drive for my 520ST, they were as quickly dashed. The process of flashing the Gotek went smoothly. I hooked up the OLED display and...Nothing! Nothing at all. I checked all the connections...they were good. I even placed the drive in my Amiga 2000. No display. I... Continue Reading →

Apple IIGS – CFFA3000

The CFFA3000 was a great leap forward for storage devices over the previous CFFA card designs, and pretty much everything else that came before it. You could now store disk images of any size on a compact flash card OR USB stick connected to the card, and mount them either on the Smart Port (on... Continue Reading →

Amiga 2000 Restoration – Part 2

Power up test with the Kickstart 3.1 ROM installed. Whats the difference between a Cloanto and a Hyperion 3.1 ROM? See below: exec.library 40.12 Updated copyright information text Fixed a small bug in the memory pools code which mirrors the same bug fix in the same code that was used in amiga.lib. strap 40.3 Added... Continue Reading →

Amiga 2000 Restoration- Part 1

In 2017, I acquired another Commodore Amiga 2000. I was able to find this machine with the gracious help of the Sacramento Amiga Computer Club (SACC). They were able to find an A2000 in "the Abyss". Restoration: When I received the computer, I completely disassembled it to check out the condition of the motherboard. Luckily,... Continue Reading →

My History with 16-bit Computers

My first serious computer was an Amiga 500. I purchased it from Walden Software (Remember them?) in 1989. This machine stayed in it's original configuration until I started the upgrade process in 1992. My Amiga 500 was a Rev 5 version with Kickstart 1.3, 1MB RAM (Upgraded with A501 512K memory expansion), an external 3.5"... Continue Reading →

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