Atari 520STFM – Complete System

I traveled to Austin, Texas to pick up an Atari SC1224 monitor that I purchased on eBay. The seller was gracious enough to let me pick it up locally. I am wary about shipping vintage computer equipment, especially CRT monitors. Although this monitor is not that large, one of the major carriers would manage to destroy it. As I have been all to accustomed to lately.

I also received an original Atari ST mouse. No shipping worries here. There small, light and easily protected on bubble wrap.

Here is the entire system put together an powered up.


The next steps for this system is to install a new Gotek and test it. The I will send the main unit to a friend of mine in California to perform a complete re-cap on the main logic board. additionally, he will install a RAM upgrade to bring this system up to 1MB. Essentially making it a 1040ST.


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