Amiga 2000 Restoration- Part 1

In 2017, I acquired another Commodore Amiga 2000. I was able to find this machine with the gracious help of the Sacramento Amiga Computer Club (SACC). They were able to find an A2000 in “the Abyss”.


When I received the computer, I completely disassembled it to check out the condition of the motherboard. Luckily, this computer had the dreaded VARTA battery removed prior to any damage occurring. If you own ANY Amiga computer system, REMOVE THE VARTA BATTERY IMMEDIATELY! They are prone to leaking and will destroy your motherboard.

After a quick inspection, I noticed this machine had an original kickstart 1.3 ROM and an 8370 512kB Agnes chip installed. This tells me that this is an Original Chip Set (OCS) Amiga 2000. Luckily, prior to it’s arrival, I sourced a Kickstart 3.1 ROM upgrade and a DKB MegaChip 8375 Super Agnes 2 megabyte Chip RAM upgrade.

I removed the 1.3 Kickstart ROM and replaced it with the Hyperion 3.1 Kickstart ROM. I sourced the ROM from Amiga On The Lake. I also carefully pulled the original 8370 Agnes chip with a PLCC puller and installed the DKB Megachip. After installing the MegaChip, you have to install a clip jumper on the Gary chip.


Installing the MegaChip on a Rev 4.4 motherboard also requires a trace to be cut on the motherboard. There is a non-existent jumper (J300) on the board. Take an X-Acto knife and cut through the trace. On later revisions of the A2000, this is not required as the jumper is present. Once this is cut and the computer is reassembled, when the computer is booted up, you should see 1,9xx,xxx MB in the title bar at the top of the screen.

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